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South Yorkshire CBT
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by Tom on South Yorkshire CBT

Came across Clare whilst seeking help for anxiety and frequent panic attacks, thank goodness I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her!

As someone who’s never gone down the therapy route she was/is very re-assuring, patient and calm. Without being over powering I’ve found that she’s guided me in looking into myself to truly find what was/is causing the anxiety & panic attacks, without her I wouldn’t be on the right path and being able to manage/identify what causes my anxiety.

With Clare’s guidance I’ve learnt to accept that I’m human and to appreciate the person who i am, she’s taught me skills to deal with panic episodes and has got me on the right path to enjoy my life again.

She’s an absolute delight to deal with and I would encourage anybody with similar issues as I’ve had to not hesitate in getting in touch. Thank you clare 😊

by Mary on South Yorkshire CBT
Thank you

I have suffered with anxiety for as long as I can remember. I have always struggled with being out of control, out of a routine and have always felt desperate for people to like me. I am very hard on myself and constantly put myself down and have bad thoughts. I was nervous about starting counselling sessions but knew they were necessary in order for me to better my relationships with my family, friends, boyfriend and most importantly myself. After just a few hours with Clare she seemed to just get me. She knew I was losing a battle with myself to be "perfect" and my need for EVERYONE to like me was negatively affecting my relationships with the people most important to me. Working with Clare has allowed me to work through my anxiety and my pursuit for perfection. I constantly thought the worst and worried for no real reason, searching for evidence to support my bad thoughts and assumptions. Clare has given me the tools to stop, breathe and re-write the negative narrative in my head to a more realistic and positive one. She has taught me that nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes, we shouldn't be hard on ourselves and that we often get caught up in our heads and create problems that aren't there. I will always have anxiety but Clare has taught me tools that will always ensure its no longer so dominant in my life. I owe her so much - I finally feel like myself again. Thank you so much xx

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