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I had suffered with symptoms of OCD since childhood but had never sought professional help. It wasn’t until I realised the degree to which my symptoms were impacting on my life and everyday functioning that I booked an appointment with Clare. Clare was really approachable, empathic and supportive. She helped me to work on my issues using cognitive behavioural therapy and exposure response prevention techniques. I now feel I have the tools to manage my symptoms of OCD, which has had a significantly positive impact on my life.

by MR Sheffield on South Yorkshire CBT

Michael R. (Sheffield).Anxiety and panic attacks had controlled my personal and working life for the last few years. It was ruining my life. After a telephone assessment I was quickly booked in with Clare, who instantly made me feel comfortable and at ease.Within a few sessions Clare identified the specific trigger to my anxiety and then a plan to refigure my cognitive process and set achievable targets. I found the sessions extremely useful, informative and the progress was quicker than I anticipated. My anxiety has almost entirely diminished and I am amazed at my positive outlook on life. I would highly recommend the service Sheffield CBT offer and Clare was the perfect therapist for me.

by Kane Sheffield on South Yorkshire CBT
I would be happy for you to quote this to promote therapy.

I did not really know what CBT was and even after my first session I was a little unsure wether or not it was for me. In my first session I got incredibly emotional since this was the first time that I had properly sat down to try and make sense of why I am the way that I am. What felt like a breakdown was actually a breakthrough. Like a lot of us I have suffered with things such as anxiety, stress, depression, addiction, doubt, intimidation, fear and love.When my therapist began to understand more about me and pointed out that a big factor of my struggling could be down to my perfectionism I was not completely convinced. How could something so simple solve all of this, I thought.After several therapy sessions I am now capable of understanding my happiness/unhappiness much more and have the ability to better control that.Whatever is inside of me from suffering from torment and abuse as a child does still linger but it turns out that my perfectionism had been multiplying any problems I had tenfold.It is all about small steps. I will be taking what I have spoke about in CBT everywhere with me and if things turn sour again for whatever reason, I have the confidence of knowing that I can handle situations much much better now.It was the right decision.

by TA Sheffielld on South Yorkshire CBT

Before i came all my thoughts were a mess and it felt like i was stuck in them. Clare helped me unravel them in words so i could see exactly how the way i was thinking was wrong. We implemented a plan of action to change them, for which i am very grateful. TA Sheffield











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